WeStart Incubator

I am alumni director of Wellesley College's incubator, WeStart. Since its inception, Wellesley College has created female leaders in fields where women had never been, from Wall Street to the White House. As the leading women’s institution, Wellesley College has a crucial role to play in supporting women’s ascension into leadership. Four of the top five most valued companies in the world grew from startups. Only 4% of venture funding, however, goes to women. WeStart, Wellesley’s first entrepreneurship community, is making Wellesley a powerhouse for women entrepreneurs. The picture above is from the winner of the last startup competition; the team created the most accurate and sleek device for basal temperature recording.



I am president and founder of Seva Football (soccer), a student-run non-profit that uses soccer to empower communities, women, and children in developing nations and the US. We work with community leaders to create sustainable soccer programs to promote school attendance and general well-being. We have leagues in India, Vietnam, Ghana, and Uruguay for women; we also have leagues for Hmong and Latino youth in inner-city Minneapolis and Boston. Read more about us at our site.