I'm a full-time employee at Google in New York City. I work on the Acquisitions team, where my role is to generate and analyze strategic leads in the web, video, and app space. I was previously an intern at Google in Mountain View, California on the scalable solutions team. I worked with product managers and business analysts to strategize improvements that increase revenue and solve product issues at a large scale.


MIT Entrepreneurs

In my MIT Sloan School of Management , I am a part of the Entrepreneurship Lab: "the course matches multidisciplinary teams of science, engineering, and management students across MIT with local startup companies. These student teams provide the companies with hands-on, targeted consulting in areas critical to new business ventures. The partner companies are typically tech-intensive, intellectual property-based, have fewer than 40 employees, and have at least one round of outside funding." We will be working with LiquiGlide on expanding their product to the oil and gas industries worldwide.


Virtual Reality

I've been learning to program in virtual reality (Unity and C#) with Playcrafting NYC in collaboration with Microsoft. I'm excited about the possibilities in music and film with virtual and augmented reality.