MIT Media Lab

As a researcher in the Fab Lab of the MIT Media Lab, I was working on building wearable technologies and interactive interiors using fabrics, wood, paper, and other materials. We are designing and building products and processes to introduce to four Tuscan industries. Our work involves 3D printing and modeling materials like stainless steel and vegetable leather, building circuitry within ceramics and walls, and creating conductive paper and fabric. We visited Florence, Italy over the course of the year to learn more about these industries, their processes, and how we can innovate new products together. Previously, I worked on building capacitive touch sensors that can fit on acrylic nails.


Honors Thesis

I completed my honors thesis at Wellesley in computer science and digital design. My focus was on algorithmic design and 3D modeling. After studying traditional mehndi (henna) shapes and the symmetrical patterns and design behind it, I was able to write algorithms to create new iterations of these designs. Photographed above was a pattern I made and laser cut into wood (it's a complete table now yay).



Over the last year, I wrote and produced a comedic, female-fronted webseries about three women in NYC called YAY WOMEN with fellow Wellesley alums. I practiced my hand at animating our intro too. The show will be released in summer 2018, but follow our Instagram in the meantime.