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Welcome! I'm a recent graduate of Wellesley College ('16), where I studied Media Arts & Sciences, an interdisciplinary major combining computer science, digital design, and video production. During my time at Wellesley, I was dual-enrolled at MIT, was an honors thesis student, and graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. I joined Google in New York City after graduation on the Acquisitions team. Originally from Edina, Minnesota, I love hockey and skiing; my perfect day would involve spicy food, R&B, and a big lake. Scroll down to learn more about my projects and activities!



MIT Media Lab

I'm an undergraduate researcher in the Fab Lab of the MIT Media Lab working on building wearable technologies and interactive interiors using fabrics, wood, paper, and other materials. We are designing and building products and processes to introduce to four Tuscan industries. Our work involves 3D printing and modeling materials like stainless steel and vegetable leather, building circuitry within ceramics and walls, and creating conductive paper and fabric. We will be visiting Florence, Italy a few times over the course of the year to learn more about these industries, their processes, and how we can innovate new products.



I'm a full-time employee at Google in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood. I work on the Acquisitions team, where my role is to generate and analyze strategic leads in the web, video, and app space. Last summer, I interned at Google in Mountain View, California on the scalable solutions team. I worked with product managers and business analysts to strategize improvements that increase revenue and solve product issues at a large scale.


MIT Entrepreneurs

In my MIT Sloan School of Management , I am in the Entrepreneurship Lab: "the course matches multidisciplinary teams of science, engineering, and management students across MIT with local startup companies. These student teams provide the companies with hands-on, targeted consulting in areas critical to new business ventures. The partner companies are typically tech-intensive, intellectual property-based, have fewer than 40 employees, and have at least one round of outside funding." We will be working with LiquiGlide on expanding their product to the oil and gas industries worldwide.



Asian American Arts Alliance

I sit on the board of the Asian American Arts Alliance of NYC. The alliance strengthens Asian American arts and cultural groups through resource sharing, promotion, and community building. Founded in 1983, the organization is a diverse alliance of artists, organizations, and arts supporters who believe that working together as a pan­ethnic, multidisciplinary community is essential to nurturing the development of artists and arts organizations and to providing meaningful and innovative ways for civic engagement in society.


Bengali Harlem

I worked on production of the interactive web documentary and documentary feature film, Bengali Harlem, directed by Dr. Vivek Bald in the MIT Open Documentary Lab, following his book Bengali Harlem: The Lost Histories of South Asian America. The book and documentary bring forth the history of South Asian peddlers and migrant workers in the 19th century. These migrants integrated into neighborhoods like Tremé in New Orleans to Detroit’s Black Bottom, from West Baltimore to Harlem. Dr. Bald traced back through these communities' lost histories and even reconnected families tied to these stories.


Virtual Reality

I've been learning to program in virtual reality (Unity and C#) with Playcrafting NYC in collaboration with Microsoft. I'm excited about the possibilities in music, film, medicine, communication, and social impact with virtual and augmented reality.


  • seva

    Seva Football

    I am president and founder of Seva Football (soccer), a student-run non-profit that uses soccer to empower communities, women, and children in developing nations and the US. We work with community leaders to create sustainable soccer programs to promote school attendance and general well-being. We have leagues in India, Vietnam, Ghana, and Uruguay for women; we also have leagues for Hmong and Latino youth in inner-city Minneapolis. Read more about us at our site.


    Seva's Strong Girls Program

    We are thrilled to announce the Strong Girls Program in collaboration with America SCORES Strong Girls is an after school program for 8-9th grade girls in East Boston. Volunteers from Wellesley and MIT will teach leadership skills, discuss global women's issues, and take the girls on field trips to community organizations. We hope to empower girls during the transition to high school and beyond. Next semester, we will teach computer science fundamentals and 3D printing to our girls!